Fishing Reports


This is not a fishing report, just an ice conditions. There is approximately 7 to 8 inches of good ice on the lake and just a bit on snow.


Had a fabulous day today out on the lake. I caught my 50 perch in about 2 hours and threw back another 100 or so. It was great. I had a lot of nice fish too. Looking forward to next weekend.


Had quite a few groups leave with their limits of perch this past week. Not a lot of size though. The bigger perch are still hiding well. But at least the numbers are there. And they do taste mighty good.


I have not posted for awhile with any reports. Sorry about that. The problem is that I cannot say that the fishing is good or that I have found any fish. Just waiting til the bite is on before I post again. We have had so much rain at the beginning and middle of the season that I believe the fish turned right off, I know they have to eat and the babies are eating well. At least I am feeding them well. But I cannot find the bigger ones. We will have to see what this week brings.


The fishing is off to a great start. Lots of perch coming in. The only species that seems to be slow is walleye


Well we are on our second week into the season and I will say that the fishing is medium. There are quite a few perch being caught and the size is there but it is not steady. Walleye action is slow but the northern action has been hot.


Not too bad of a report came in today from a couple. They had good luck on Friday, Saturday was a bit slower, and Sunday was much better. They had some nice sized fish every time out. It is just that the numbers were better a couple of the days.


I cannot remember a nicer fall day. The youngest Alyssa and I went out to a glass covered lake with lots of remaining fall color. We moved twice and then moved until I saw one fish in 4' of water. That is where we dropped anchor and sat for 3 hours. We ended up with 95 nice perch. Wow!! What a nice day it was.